Aline a spine

The 10 Day Neck & Back Pain Relief Road Map

I help pain sufferers to be pain free within 10 days, so they can perform their daily tasks without surgery, drugs or invasive treatments

Aline a spine
Thank you Doug and Lynne, no headaches although you promised me one. Stairs easy and arm much better. Feel like 52 not 72 anymore THANK YOU! 🌸🌸🌸
New chiropractor in Beacon Bay. Dr Doug Hawley. I have been struggling with my knee, lower back, neck and arm after a fall. Steps were hell and just using my mouse painful. One manipulation and acupuncture session and I am feeling like a New Person. More appointments to follow to ensure my wellness, not just pain removal. Taking my whole family next week!
I'm feeling a whole lot better with my back pain now that it is being effectively managed on at least a weekly basis by an experienced Chiropractor, Dr. Doug Hawley. I've enrolled into his ongoing maintenance programme, paying a monthly pensioner-rate which is very affordable. I see him again this coming Wednesday for further therapy. I discovered hime quite by chance when I made an appointment to see his daughter, Eryn Hawley, to have my toenails cut! I had been in too much pain to get down to that level to do it myself. This is one of a number of services Eryn offers, and she has a room in the same house/home as her mom and dad from which she too operates. The Hawley's live in Fish Eagle Crescent in Beacon Bay, so the commute from our home to their rooms took 10 minutes maximum! Very convenient! Dr. Doug Hawley is commited to complete healing and I feel confident he'll get me there. He took a great deal of trouble prior to the first treatment, looking at my back & pelvic x-rays and discussing with me what he believed would be the best way forward with my treatment 🙂 .

Pain & Wellness Progression

Do not wait until it is to late. Early treatment will reduce extended pain, discomfort and reduces the risk of invasive treatments


Chiropractic services for the relief of pain and promotion of wellness

  • Treatment of inter-vertebral disk problems
  • Postural correction
  • Extra-corporeal shock-wave therapy
  • Dry needling (“Acupuncture")
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Treatment of knee arthritis
  • Chiropractic adjustive therapy

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Dr Doug Hawley


Hi, my name is Doug Hawley. I studied chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg and am a Member of the Chiropractic Association of SA. I have 9 years of private practice experience in Johannesburg and Newcastle. I practiced in Malaysia for 2 years to broaden my experience. With our team here at Align a Spine you will always be in good hands.